Workshop/webinar on facilitating sustainable FDI flows to developing countries through the Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement


    Since the start in December 2020, the Joint Initiative on Investment Facilitation for Development have made great strides and the negotiations on the text of the Investment Facilitation for Development (IFD) Agreement are expected to conclude in July 2023. This Agreement seeks to help WTO Members improve their investment climate and facilitate FDI flows (particularly to developing and least developed country (LDC) Members) in the interest of fostering sustainable development. The workshop/webinar aims to increase awareness of the IFD negotiations and discuss how the Agreement can facilitate greater participation of developing and LDCs in global FDI flows. The workshop/webinar will also provide an opportunity to discuss specific issues and challenges that developing and LDCs face in facilitating sustainable FDI and how the IFD Agreement can help them to deal with those issues and contribute to increased FDI flows. Lastly, it will highlight the benefits of the IFD Agreement and the next steps, including the IFD needs-assessment process that will assist developing and LDC Members in implementing the IFD Agreement. 

    Date & location
    29 June 2023