SLCP Gateway: feedback and insights [HK]


    This hybrid workshop aims to enable direct exchange of experience, feedback and suggestions related to the SLCP Gateway process and features, as well as inform future development directions. 

    The event is organized by International Trade Centre and hosted at Target Sourcing Services Hong Kong office on Monday, 20th November 2023.

    Workshop agenda will orientate around following areas:

    1. Facility registration, accounts and profile management
    2. E-learning and on-boarding process
    3. Accredited Hosts interactions: linking, profiles mapping, initiating assessment
    4. Sharing verified assessments with other Hosts and 3rd parties

    Please register if you already have experience with the SLCP Gateway and would like to:

    • Provide insights, feedback and suggestions to the SLCP process, especially related to the Gateway interactions. 
    • Be among the first to learn about new features considered or planned, influence priorities and development directions. 
    • Exchange experiences and ideas with other Facilities and Partners involved in the SLCP process. 

    Registration ends on Friday, 10th November. 

    Space is limited, so please register as soon as possible. Additional information (office address, Zoom session link) will be sent after registration is complete. 

    Date & location
    20–21 November 2023

    Hong Kong