Refugees in Trade: Supporting refugee businesses through private sector partnerships


    Refugees worldwide face daunting challenges as they seek safety, economic security and stability in new environments. While much of the focus in the Global North is on refugees arriving in their countries, at the end of 2022, 73 per cent of refugees were hosted by developing countries. Their journey from displacement to empowerment requires innovative solutions and collective efforts from various stakeholders. Through this event, we bring together key actors that address this challenge to unlock economic opportunities and create long-term and sustainable solutions for refugees in the Global South.

    With opening remarks from ITC’s Executive Director, Pamela Coke-Hamilton, this event, with the panel consisting of Amazon Web Services, Inkomoko and Visa, will explore strategies and solutions that enable refugees to move beyond low-skill, low-wage positions and lead to concrete employment opportunities. The discussion will identify the competitiveness barriers refugees and the private sector face and point out scalable solutions to integrate refugees into the world of trade.

    Date & location
    12 December 2023