ITC @ AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum (ACTIF2022)


    Afreximbank, Export Barbados and Invest Barbados are co-organizing the first major trade forum on trade and investment between the regions.  The International Trade Centre is participating in discussions on food security and expanding agribusiness opportunities and will also contribute the following in the context of the forum:  

    • New study, Expanding African-Caribbean Trade. At a time when new partnerships are needed to tackle the economic consequences of global crises, the study outlines an export potential of more than $1 billion between the regions. It outlines specific sectors to significantly increase inter-regional trade within five years.  This is contingent upon developing more contact and awareness between African and Caribbean traders, tackling trade barriers and channelling investments into growth areas. The report was developed at the request of Afreximbank.
    • Memorandum of Understanding between ITC and Afreximbank. This deepens their partnership to boost small businesses in Africa and improve trade with the Caribbean region. 
    • A new SheTrades Caribbean Hub, launched with the Caribbean Development Bank, will create market opportunities for women entrepreneurs, 

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    Date & location
    1–2 September 2022




    1 September 2022
    Expanding African-Caribbean Trade

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