Innovate and Lead: Skills for Youth to Drive a Sustainable Future


    In the current global landscape, equipping youth with essential knowledge and skills in innovation and trade is critical. Mastery of intellectual property rights can dramatically enhance the prospects for young entrepreneurs and innovators, opening up new markets, facilitating access to financing, and providing a competitive edge globally. Such knowledge contributes significantly to sustainable economic, social, cultural, and environmental development.

    In this spirit, WIPO and ITC are excited to present "Innovate and Lead: Skills for Youth to Drive a Sustainable Future" at the ECOSOC Youth Forum. This event is designed as a catalyst for young visionaries to engage directly with policy and decision-makers, including Youth Ministers and experts from the ITC and WIPO. It aims to dismantle the traditional barriers that have hindered dialogue and collaboration, providing a platform for young voices to be included in shaping the policies and decisions that will define our collective future.

    We recognize the importance of engaging young people and providing them with opportunities to share ideas that drive impactful solutions. This initiative aims to empower young individuals with the skills to become key contributors to development efforts, working alongside government, the private sector, NGOs, and leaders in science, technology, and innovation to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues.

    The session is crafted to inspire and challenge attendees, encouraging them to explore how intellectual property and trade can be leveraged as tools for positive change. It presents a unique opportunity for participants to take an active stance in advancing the agenda for sustainable development. Join us in this vital dialogue, and let's collaborate to mold the future.

    Date & location
    17 April 2024

    New York