Coffee Contracts Management and Logistics, Export Documentation and Forwarding


    This training follows the structure of the European Standard Contract for Coffee (ESCC) and how it affects business planning and operations from an SME perspective. That is, how a trader should be in a clear position to negotiate contract terms based on the businessess' capabilities to meet contract obligations in order to minimise financial impacts and maximise reputation and buyer relationships. Operations personnel within the business must also plan ahead and react to ensure contract terms are met, such as availability, quality weights, documentation and certifications, and more. Phase one was a series of webinars that took place in October 2021. 

    Phase two is a three-days workshop held from 6-8 April in Nairobi, which seeks to reinforce the previous lessons learnt through practical exercises that follow the training plan below: 

    • Contract terms and implications for business operations: Discussion of the following terms, their meaning, and how the business must prepare in advance of loading and shipping as well as how to comply to requirements.
    • Contract terms and negotiation: Communicating the ins and outs of how to negotiate a contract based on the firm's capacities to comply and deliver. 
    • Preparation for Export: Covering essentially the container stuffing to shipment phase or immediate preparation beforehand.

    The workshop ends with a field visit to a logistics company and a port of export enabling SMEs understand all preparations needed prior to shipment.

    Date & location
    6–8 April 2022