World Trade Promotion Organizations awards 2022


    Recognizing outstanding trade promotion organizations who excel in export development initiatives.  


    The WTPO Conference 2022 takes place on 17-18 May 2022 in Accra, Ghana. The event is hosted by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, in partnership with ITC.   

    Excellence in export development initiatives

    The WTPO award winners 2022 will be announced during the WTPO Conference on 17 May in Accra, Ghana.  

    These awards identify and recognize those processes that have successfully contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of exporting enterprises or have made a significant and positive change towards reaching this objective.  

    Entries for the WTPO awards 2022 are now closed. ITC will announce the shortlisted winners in early May. Check back here then for more information. 

    Entrants were invited to describe one specific export development initiative that illustrated how an individual or group of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were assisted in strengthening their competitiveness and, as a result, entered or re-entered the global market as strong competitors. 

    WTPO Timeline
    WTPO Timeline

    To win, trade promotion organizations (TPOs) must demonstrate value for money through their initiatives to ensure their own sustainability as well as the success of their export development initiatives through positive changes experienced by their clients.   

    Why Enter? 

    While winning an award is an important benefit, many former winners state that the process of entering is where the real value lies by encouraging deep analysis of process and the objective evaluation of outcomes against strategic goals. 
    Tangible benefits of participating in the WTPO Awards include the opportunity to: 

    Demonstrate impact 

    Whether your organization wins an award or is nominated for the shortlist, this news can be used for public relations purposes to demonstrate your effectiveness to policymakers and increase your influence with stakeholders, helping to gain the resources and support you need. 

    Be recognized 

    The peer-reviewed process promotes recognition of your success among the TPO network community and beyond. 

    Increase visibility 

    Shortlisted nominees will have the opportunity to participate in social media/video training to showcase their initiatives. The videos produced by the nominees using smartphones will be displayed during the WTPO conference and distributed through global social network channels. 

    • Stage 2 applicants will have the opportunity to participate in a social media/video training to produce a short video of their initiative. The videos of the shortlisted nominees will be displayed during the conference and distributed on ITC’s website and global social network channels; 

    • Winners will be entitled to use the WTPO Award winners’ logos on their corporate communications; 

    • Winners will be featured on ITC’s website; 

    • ITC will develop and publish an e-publication of the winners’ booklet with the respective winners

    Entrants will apply under one of this year’s three award categories: 

    Best use of partnerships 

    This award recognizes the successful use of integrated partnerships and networks to advance export development and impact. Examples may include sector or regional networks, private-public partnerships and “clustering to compete” initiatives, among others. 

    Best use of information technology 

    This award recognizes a digital innovation introduced by a TPO that improves productivity, efficiency, marketing or performance. Examples are digital marketing campaigns, use of online databases and statistics, online B2B marketplace initiatives, digital tools such as online toolkits, use of big data, e-learning platforms such as tutorials, videos or e-commerce support. 

    Best initiative to ensure that trade is inclusive and sustainable 

    This award focuses on initiatives that respond to at least one, preferably more, of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Examples would be women’s cooperatives, promotion and distribution of indigenous crafts, skills training, sustainable sourcing and distribution models, etc. Please see the entry guide for further information about this award. 

    Further information: The WTPO Awards entry guide provides detailed information about the entry process and evaluation criteria. 

    Check the WTPO Awards 2022 Entry Guide

    The awards follow a two-stage process: 

    The stage 1 entry form allows entrants to submit an export development initiative for evaluation, together with their contact information and authorization to enter. At this stage you may submit up to five different initiatives. Please complete a separate stage 1 entry form for each initiative entered into the awards. 

    Stage 1 entries will be assessed to ensure the initiative fits the core criteria. Qualifying entrants will then be invited to submit a more comprehensive stage 2 entry. If more than one entry from a TPO goes forward, the TPO will need to decide which initiative to submit for stage 2. 

    The WTPO awards entry guide provides detailed information about the entry process and evaluation criteria: WTPO Awards 2022 Entry Guide


    Check-List for stage 1 entries 

    Entries for the WTPO awards 2022 are now closed. 

    Required information for future participation in the WTPO Awards. Forms will be provided to candidates to complete with the following information  

    Part A: TPO contact information  

    Part B: Authorization to enter (signed and dated by the CEO or duly designated official and in pdf format) 

    Part C: Award category: The category for which the initiative is being submitted is selected 

    Part D: The entry: Please ensure the description of the export development initiative follows the criteria described in the Entry Guide: 

    1. Focus of the initiative: What problem does the initiative aim to solve? 

    2. Defining features: How does the initiative respond to the identified client needs? What are the distinguishing features of the initiative (specific partnerships, unique tools employed, training, counselling)? Note: the need for the initiative must have been identified or re-confirmed within the last two years. 

    3. Achieving objectives: How do you know you are succeeding? Describe what change you expect from the initiative (e.g., creating awareness, attitude change, change in managerial behaviour, improving competitiveness, sustainable exports) 

    4. Target audience: What are the distinguishing characteristics of the clientele (profile, size)? 

    5. Service design and delivery: How did you design and deliver the service? How did this approach ensure you would achieve your objectives described in question 3? 

    NOTE: Stage 1 entries exceeding 700 words for Part D will be disqualified. All four parts of the entry form must be submitted together. Email the pdf and word versions of your entry form to wtpo-awards [at] intracen.org

    Who can enter? 

    The World Trade Promotion Organization (WTPO) awards are open to all trade support institutions officially recognized as the national organizations for trade promotion. Some of these organizations also engage in investment and or tourism activities. 

    What is the entry process? 

    The WTPO Awards 2022 follow a two-stage process. Stage 1, requires entrants to complete a short entry form providing a brief description of the export development initiative submitted for an award. Entrants may submit multiple entries at this stage. If more than one entry from a TPO qualifies for stage 2, the TPO will need to decide which entry will go forward. 

    At stage 2, qualifying entrants will submit a comprehensive entry for evaluation by the jury, elaborating the processes and tools used to manage and offer the export development initiative and providing evidence of its impact. 

    What constitutes an ‘export development initiative'? 

    When selecting your export development initiative, consider the following: 

    • Does the initiative aim to build the effective export competitiveness of SMEs; and/or 

    • Does the initiative contribute to broader changes that lead or contribute to sustained export competitiveness such as raised awareness, attitude change and/or changes in SME managerial practices. 

    Which category should I enter? 

    Consider what is most salient about your initiative. Is there a practice or process related to the awards criteria for stage 2 for which you feel your TPO has excelled at when offering export development initiatives? Have you developed innovative partnerships to deliver an export development initiative? Was using information technology a key innovation that improved efficiency in the design, delivery, monitoring or measurement of the initiative? Does your initiative align with one of the SDGs listed for an award in this category? 

    Can a TPO enter more than one category for each entry? 

    An entry may fit in more than one category. It is best to select the category that best aligns with the purpose of the initiative. Should an entry submitted for more than one category be accepted for stage 2, the entrant will need to choose in which category it will submit its final application. 

    Can a TPO submit more than one entry? 

    A TPO may submit up to five different entries for Stage 1 

    When is the entry deadline? 

    Entries are now closed for the WTPO 2022 awards 

    When will I know if I can submit a stage 2 entry? 

    For the 2022 Awards ITC notified entrants of their qualifying status on 17 January 2022 

    Can a TPO re-submit an entry from previous awards if it matches one of the new categories? 

    A TPO may re-submit a previous entry if the initiative is still current. For consideration by the jury, the entry must comply with the instructions in the entry guide. 

    Do entries need to be in English? 

    To facilitate the judging process all entries must be in English. 

    Whom can I ask for help? 

    We are here to answer your questions about the awards process and to provide assistance in completing your stage 1 and stage 2 entries. 

    What makes a winner?

    Date & location
    17 May 2022

    Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana


    Wtpo-awards [at] intracen.org (Wtpo-awards[at]intracen[dot]org)