La province de Kayah du Myanmar va voir son tourisme stimulé (anglais)

27 août 2014
ITC Nouvelles
Dutch funding for ITC programme aimed at increasing sustainable tourism in Myanmar

The International Trade Centre (ITC) together with the Netherlands Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) is launching a USD 1.9 million project to boost sustainable tourism in Myanmar with a particular focus on the scenic Kayah State.

This three-year project forms part of the Netherlands Trust Fund (NTF) III programme financed by CBI and implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC). This tourism project, which results from Myanmar’s National Export Strategy and forms part of ITC’s Country Programme for Myanmar, is aimed at fostering inclusiveness of tourism development which will benefit local communities.

The NTFIII Steering Group will meet local stakeholders and partners in Yangon, and Loikaw, capital of Kayah State, from 24-29 August 2014. They will discuss collaborative efforts and synergies for the implementation and sustainable development of the tourism project, and the economic benefits that will ensue from the success of this initiative. This project will help to integrate local producers and service providers into tourism value chains which will increase revenue generation.

Talks will be held with the government and private sector, including senior officials from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar Tourism Federation, Union of Myanmar Travel Association, Myanmar Marketing Federation, Kayah State Hotelier Association and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) involved in tourism-related services.

ITC’s delegation leader, Mr Anders Aeroe, Director for Market Development, said technical assistance offered to the Government of Myanmar is executed strategically, in line with national development objectives.

‘Our goal is to build the capacity of local authorities and actors in the tourism sector to work together in a coherent and cost-effective way to draw visitors to Kayah State, which is a region of great natural beauty,’ said Mr Aeroe. ‘Creating economic opportunities for local communities will contribute to social development.’

The Deputy Managing Director of the CBI, Mr Dick de Man said the tourism industry can bring foreign exchange to Myanmar and contribute to job creation in a promising sector of the country’s economy, generating livelihoods for local communities, particularly in Kayah State.

‘Our aim in working with the ITC is to support selected sectors of industry in developing countries, including Myanmar, to enhance their economic competitiveness and viability in a targeted way,’ said Mr de Man.