Trade and Environment team launches blog (en)

13 août 2012
ITC Nouvelles
ITC’s TEP team to give a wider perspective on trade and environment issues.

The team behind ITC’s Trade and Environment Programme (TEP) has launched a blog that aims to provide a wider perspective on issues related to the programme and inform readers on general issues related to trade and the environment.

The blog will share knowledge and ideas on key issues in the trade and environment field. It will cover a variety of issues like climate change, biodiversity and the impact of trade on environment and development outcomes. The team will also share experience from the field where ITC and partners are active in supporting countries to follow green development paths.

The TCCEP team will discuss articles they read in the news and journals, and provide updates from events they attend, but will also alert readers about forthcoming events.

Readers are encouraged to engage with the team and to suggest topics for discussion, and you can also stay in touch with the TEP team on Twitter: @ITCenvironment

Visit the ITC Environment Blog.