Promoting SME competitiveness in Africa (en)

5 septembre 2018
ITC Nouvelles
New publication provides data to de-risk investment.

Africa’s business outlook is bright. A young population, continued urbanization, and technological upgrading is propelling growth. However, the continent today faces a significant investment gap as a result of perceptions that investing in Africa is somehow risky.

Most investors consider information about local suppliers to be critical in their decisions to invest. A new publication from the International Trade Centre (ITC), ‘Promoting SME Competitiveness in Africa: Data for de-risking investment’, aims to make it easier to invest in African enterprises and help the continent attract more investment.

Among the findings in Promoting SME Competitiveness in Africa are that:

• More than 25% of companies in francophone Africa currently meet international quality standards and are ready to scale up exports
• High-tech is among the most dynamic sectors: in the Gambia, two-thirds of IT firms are run by youth
• Across Africa, logistics services are developing fast: 67% of Moroccan SMEs rate the quality of logistics as high.

Data included in Promoting SME Competitiveness in Africa - generated through ITC’s SME Competitiveness Surveys - can be used to assess the viability of individual businesses and their potential to grow. This is crucial information for foreign firms seeking suppliers or foreign investors looking for investment projects.

By providing a vital link between the development community and private sector investors, ITC’s SME Competitiveness Surveys will enable them to work together to realize the Sustainable Development Goals.

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