Sierra Leone: Empowering youth through digital technologies



    The overall project objective is to contribute to economic growth and job creation in Sierra Leone by enhancing the participation of youth in the digital economy. 

    The outcome of the project is to increase the participation of youth in digital trade. 

    Expected outputs and indicators

    The outcome will be achieved through the following 4 outputs:

    • Output 1: Capacity of youth to use digital technologies for work, entrepreneurship & social inclusion increased. [ targets youth, with particular focus on young women].
    • Output 2: Competitiveness of young entrepreneurs increased by adopting digital technologies [targets young entrepreneurs, particularly young women entrepreneurs]
    • Output 3: Youth Service offerings of Business Support Organizations (BSOs) and tech hubs improved [BSOs, incubators and NGOs are key delivery partners for the project. Enabling them to deliver better services to youth, will help to generate sustainable, long-term impact]
    • Output 4: Inclusive national strategies and policies related to the digital economy strengthened 

    Cross cutting issues: digitalization, youth and gender considerations are key. Opening opportunities for youth, especially women, through digital technologies is the core objective of the project.

     All outputs will be implemented in partnership with local public, private and civil society organizations, building up on their respective local expertise, networks and infrastructure.