Mauritius: Company Perspectives - An ITC Series on Non-Tariff Measures(en)

Mauritian exporters claim to be less affected by trade barriers than many other countries that have participated in the ITC business surveys on non-tariff measures. Among the 400 Mauritian firms surveyed, 27% of exporters were adversely affected by non-tariff measures; 36% of importing firms reported they were affected by non-tariff measures.

The main concern is conformity assessment for the European Union, the largest market for Mauritian exports. In addition, companies reported a disproportionate share of measures related to the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). COMESA countries comprise only 6% of Mauritian agricultural exports, however, they accounted for 29% of company concerns related to non-tariff measures. Among other countries surveyed by ITC that report higher barriers due to non-tariff measures are: Paraguay (69%), Peru (42%), Sri Lanka (70%), and Uruguay (56%).

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