Un contrato de externalización ayuda a BrainStation-23 a entrar al Mercado danés (en)

25 febrero 2013
ITC Noticias
NTFII match-making programme helps build bridges between Bangladesh and Denmark

The global economic slump means companies such as nSales have limited funds to invest in new technology. nSales, a Danish company, makes sales automation systems that enable people visiting shops to order products for their factories or corporate offices using their iPad. Via a connection between the client’s central ERP system and nSales’s central system, they can show the company’s products, see stock, place orders and even promise delivery dates on their iPad.

In bid to cut costs and give end clients a better product without compromising on quality, nSales started to look for partners that could help it achieve this. In November 2011, this search led representatives of nSales to first meet their Brain Station-23 counterparts at a match-making event in Denmark organized within the NTFII Bangladesh programme.

While nSales representatives met with several companies, they favoured Bangladesh-based Brain Station-23 because of its presence in technologies, such as ASP.net MVC 3 and MVVM JS, and its experience with Telerik and iPad development. The first meeting led to a one-month trial run, which proved successful, and nSales has been outsourcing its sales automation to Brain Station-2 ever since.

“nSales likes Brain Station-23 for its open communication, honesty, flexibility. But perhaps more importantly, for having the right pool of talented people,” said Raisul Kabir, co-founder and chief executive officer of the Bangladeshi software-development company. “nSales had a concern about employee turnover and that has not been an issue. Brain Station-23 likes nSales because of their new technology focus. Another reason is giving extra effort for making it work. It’s easy to let go but working together and finding solution makes a great team.”

After working primarily in Canada, the US and the UK, BrainStation-23 is now established in the Danish market and seeking to expand there. Lower costs mean that nSales is busier than ever and has expanded its staff in Denmark. “Overall, this is a better future together,” said Kabir.