Senior Executive Seminar on Management of modern SPS-related government agencies (en)

26 enero 2012
ITC Noticias
A one-day seminar on “Management of modern SPS-related government agencies” was held on November 10th in Dushanbe.

The seminar was intended for top managers with policy and strategic responsibilities within the key agencies of the Government of Tajikistan whose functions relate to sanitary and phytosanitary issues – food safety and the protection of animal and plant health. The relevant agencies include those that develop and apply SPS measures within Tajikistan, as well as those whose role is to facilitate Tajikistan’s exports where SPS measures are an impediment to trade.

The aim of the seminar was to identify the main management problems that agencies responsible for SPS issues must face, and examine short- and longer-term problem-solving strategies and techniques.

The role of SPS agencies, the major management challenges encountered by these agencies in Tajikistan, the main concepts of and practical approaches to SPS management and management tools, as well as market access and SPS capacity-building strategies, were discussed during the event.

SheraliVazirov, Head of Department at the Veterinary Service, noting the importance of the event for Tajikistan’s accession to the WTO, said that laws and decrees should meet international requirements. Mr. Vazirov listed some new laws and decrees adopted by the Government of Tajikistan to regulate veterinary and sanitary activities in the Republic.

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