ITC publica el Reporte Anual 2011 (en)

3 abril 2012
ITC Noticias

In 2011 ITC delivered more trade-related technical assistance (TRTA) than in any previous year, even after adjusting for exchange rate fluctuations, exceeding its delivery target and demonstrating credible results across all of its performance measures, according to ITC’s Annual Report, prepared ahead of ITC’s Joint Advisory Group meeting to be held in Geneva on 21-22 May.

ITC’s 2011 development results are described in the Annual Report according to the agency’s five new strategic objectives:
  • Building awareness and improving the availability and use of trade intelligence
  • Strengthening trade support institutions (TSIs)
  • Enhancing policies for the benefit of exporting enterprises
  • Building the export capacity of enterprises to respond to market opportunities
  • Mainstreaming inclusiveness and sustainability into trade promotion and export development policies.
“For all if ITC’s successes in 2011, the agency continues on an evolutionary path, reinventing its services to remain on the cutting edge,” Executive Director Ms. Patricia Francis wrote in the Foreword to the Annual Report.  
“ITC is currently identifying the next generation of large projects, and is engaging with donors, beneficiary countries and partners to plan for work beginning in 2013,” she added.
Highlighted in the Annual Report are nine case studies that bring ITC’s work to life, demonstrating its impact: we introduce the Cameroonian coffee farmer whose situation has been transformed by a community coffee-washing station, the quality manager from Kyrgyzstan who – certified by ITC – is now prospering as an independent contractor helping the country’s SMEs meet international standards and the Peruvian clothing designer who is now selling her own collections in Europe and China, having received training from ITC. Others, such as the trade-promotion official in Côte d’Ivoire who now leads the first Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) network of trade experts, or the Samoan officials who are eager to reap the benefits of their newly-attained World Trade Organization (WTO) membership, are crucial to creating a business environment that enables exports. To read their stories and ITC’s development results in 2011, download the Annual Report from here.
The Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish versions of the Annual Report will be available by the end of April.