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About us

ITC puts trade-led growth at centre of its work in developing countries

    We are fully dedicated to supporting the competitiveness and internationalization of micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs). As the joint agency of the UN and the WTO, we highlight the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses and provide support for building a conducive business ecosystem.

    Our objectives are to bring prosperity, inclusiveness and sustainability to developing countries through trade-related development assistance. Our decision making is guided by the core mandate of the UN.

    Our clients include a wide range of business support organizations (BSOs) from trade and investment promotion organizations to sector associations, social enterprises, women business associations, business incubators, tech hubs, vocational training institutions, cooperatives, and others.

    We work with market partners like lead firms, investors, and service providers who help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises improve their efficiency, broaden their networks, and integrate into value chains while transferring skills, knowledge, and technology.


    11 novembre 2021
    Trade Matters

    Can we survive without trade? Maybe. But #tradematters: it has helped a billion people move out of extreme poverty in 30 years; it helps companies grow and become more productive; it benefits developing countries; it lowers prices and creates choices for consumers. You might say not everyone wins -- and you'd be right. But we can make trade work for the 99%. Watch how.