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ITC, CASCI to fortify regional integration through small businesses in the Arab region

15 septembre 2023
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(Geneva) The Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CASCI) and the International Trade Centre (ITC), the United Nations small business agency, signed a letter of intent to strengthen the capacity of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Arab region to better integrate into regional and global markets.

The partnership is a response to the need for large, well-established businesses in the Arab region and their partners to participate in socioeconomic activities that foster inclusive, equitable and balanced development.

The institutions will work together to improve the export capabilities of small businesses, enhance their role in global value chains and form new market linkages. Their joint work will focus on supporting young women and men in developing their skills in economic development, ensuring that their innovative solutions and initiatives contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As a Geneva-based association of private businesses in Arab countries interested in deepening their relations with Switzerland, CASCI’s main role is to coordinate and facilitate the commercial, industrial relations between Switzerland and the Arab region, and to improve and extend opportunities for industrial and technical cooperation, in close collaboration with private and public organizations. As such, CASCI has a strong role to play in fostering knowledge exchange and disseminating good practices to promote economic diversification, digitalization and the green transition. 

In addition to accelerating these actions in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, ITC will work with CASCI to support small businesses in accessing trade and market intelligence to conduct market research and find new business opportunities.


‘We are excited to have signed a collaborative partnership between the Arab Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CASCI) and the International Trade Centre (ITC). Our organizations share a common goal of promoting trade and economic growth, and we believe that by joining forces, we can achieve even greater success in supporting businesses.’ 

Hilda Al-Hinai, Secretary General, CASCI

‘Small businesses are key drivers of trade in the Arab region, and through our partnership with CASCI, we’ll support them in strengthening their export skills, expanding their networks and tapping the information they need to access new markets.”

Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director, ITC

Notes to the Editor

About the International Trade Centre - The International Trade Centre is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. ITC assists small and medium-sized enterprises in developing and transition economies to become more competitive in global markets, thereby contributing to sustainable economic development within the frameworks of the Aid-for-Trade agenda and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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About CASCI - The Arab Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Geneva (CASCI), established in 1974, stands as a dynamic bridge between the Arab world (23 countries) and Switzerland, fostering economic collaboration and cultural exchange. The chamber serves as a pivotal platform for businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs looking to tap into the burgeoning opportunities within both regions. Its key activities encompass a spectrum of services, including legalization of commercial documents, facilitating trade and investment relations and organizing business networking events.

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