Institutional Benchmarking Assessment of ITPO


    This activity is based on the ITC Benchmarking for Trade Methodology and platform that will allow ITPO to join a community of good practices implemented by the leading export promotion agencies around the world.

    The ITC Benchmarking for trade was recently enhanced to provide a comprehensive and muti-dimensional perspective on Institutional performance. The analysis will be conducted using a specific model that has been developed by ITC to assess trade promotion agencies in all its areas of operation, including its strategy, organizational structure, resources and processes, service delivery mechanisms and result measurement systems against the best practices of leading trade promotion agencies. The model uses more than 200 indicators of performance based on good practices of the most successful trade promotion agencies. 

    In addition to the core technical analysis ITPO will benefit form a review and analysis of other important drivers of performance including digital readiness and organizational culture. The analysis will also provide a review of ITPO levels processes and practices in relation to inclusive and sustainable growth. 

    Date et lieu
    15–19 octobre 2022