ITC Roundtable on the blue economy's trade and investment opportunities for Small Island Developing States


    Strengthening trade resilience of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) for sustainable development

    This Roundtable aims to identify and build consensus on strategic issues and areas that Small Island Developing States (SIDS) need to target to make a shift to high value-added production and sustained growth.

    Experts and representatives of SIDS will present success stories in the blue economy and ‘spill-over’ sectors from a number of SIDS countries, focusing on: 

    • The enabling regulatory, policy and institutional factors that were critical in determining successful attraction of investment; 
    •  Financing model and source of funding sought to catalyze funds, i. e. public investments, development aid financing, private investments and/or public-private partnerships; 
    •  Challenges that were encountered, and solutions put in place to overcome those challenges; 
    •  Successes of national reforms and investments in generating employment, GDP growth, increased participation of small and medium enterprises’ in trade

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    Date et lieu
    4–5 mai 2022