Market Price Information



    The objective of this project is to improve the accessibility of SMEs in developing countries to timely agricultural market price information through an innovative online platform – Market Price Information. Users will be able to retrieve international prices for about 80 agricultural products, updated on a daily or weekly basis.

    In line with the objective of ITC’s Competitive Intelligence Programme, this access to trade intelligence will help SMEs managers to identify opportunities and anticipate threats relevant to their business. 

    In 2019, new sources of prices and market information will be uploaded in the database. The objective is to increase the coverage of countries or sectors / products for which the daily or weekly prices are available in Market Price Information. Deep links between MPI and other market analysis tools will be implemented to provide users with global information.     


    Objectifs de développement durable

    This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.