ITC lanza nuevo libro titulado Política Nacional de Comercio de éxito para las exportaciones (en)

23 febrero 2012
ITC Noticias

ITC has recently launched a new book titled National Trade Policy for Export Success. The book considers how trade policy influences enterprise competitiveness. It considers how the export potential of enterprises may best be advanced through trade policy reform along the value chain aimed at reducing cost of production, logistics, creating a sound business environment and attaining market access.

The book attempts to juxtapose the opportunities and the challenges arising out of the reform process to enable all stakeholders to weigh the benefits and costs of different trade policy options.

With cases and examples that show how trade policy reform can help individual companies and industry sectors to become more competitive, this book is a valuable tool for businesses, business associations and other stakeholders to influence trade policy and related regulations.

It is also relevant to government policymakers to gain an understanding of the business implications of their policies. Most importantly, it helps to foster a culture of informed public-private dialogue, which is an essential component of the democratic process of policy formulation.

The book addresses five key objective areas for export competiveness, which are also the chapters of the book- they include:


  • Create competitive infrastructure services
  • Promote exports and foreign investment
  • Move goods across borders effectively
  • Address export market issues
  • Improve inputs and capital goods

The book is available at http://www.intracen.org/National-Trade-Policy-for-Export-Success

Please click here to download PDF