¿Cómo pueden los estándares ayudar a promover la transición a una economía verde? (en)

12 junio 2012
ITC Noticias
ITC and the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) will contribute to the dialogue on the role for trade and standards in promoting sustainable development at this month’s Rio+20 Conference.

ITC and SIS will on 19 June hold a panel discussion during the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) Trade and Sustainable Development Symposium on the opportunities and challenges environmental standards present for exporters from developing countries, with an emphasis on transition to a green economy. The session — Sustainability Standards: Opportunities and Challenges for Developing Countries — is held just one day before the official opening of the Rio+20 Conference.

Market-access challenges

Standards can be an effective tool for achieving environmental objectives and enabling markets in sustainable goods and services. At the same time, however, a lack of adequate resources to learn about and meet standard requirements can pose challenges to market access, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from developing countries.

Participants will hear about case studies from Kenya and Pakistan, best practices from the Nordic region, as well as ITC’s experience from the field. ITC will present its current project on trade and carbon standards in Kenya, including its new exporter’s guide on ”Product Carbon Footprinting Standards in the Agri-Food Sector”, intended to assist developing countries in understanding new requirements on carbon product standards and potential mitigation opportunities. In addition, ITC will provide examples of its work in Kenya with SMEs and trade support institutions in overcoming these obstacles and working with them to mitigate carbon emissions in line with market requirements.

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