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Ukrainian entrepreneurs conquer global markets by adopting new e-commerce strategies

21 marzo 2024
ITC News

In an inspiring display of resilience and innovation, Ukrainian entrepreneurs are making their mark on the global stage, thanks to the successful completion of the Global E-commerce Access educational programme.

This initiative lasted four months and was supported by the national network for entrepreneurs Diia.Business, under the guidance of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office.

Some 200 participants gained critical knowledge and skills in global e-commerce platforms. In the war context, e-commerce connects Ukrainian companies to the external markets, providing an important source of income and, frequently, more stable market conditions that the local market.

One of the success stories is NAVIN, a Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality towel dryers. The company has evolved from modest beginnings in 2000 to a symbol of Ukrainian industrial resilience. Participation in the Global E-commerce Access program has enabled NAVIN to expand its footprint to international markets. The firm leverages cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to enhance its global brand reputation and therefore expand its client base.

Another remarkable journey is that of Olena Humeniuk from Lutsk, who in 2015 founded a wedding salon, Studio Olena Martynovych. Her dream of creating a unique space for brides flourished against the odds of economic instability and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through her participation in the educational program, Olena gained invaluable insights into the dynamics of global e-commerce, paving the way for her brand, Studiomar, to reach international customers.

Additionally, the story of Irina Labkovych and her enterprise LILA Textil Home stands out. Starting with a small sewing workshop, Irina's dream of producing high-quality, natural bed linen has now reached an international clientele, largely thanks to the strategic insights gained from the program. Choosing Etsy as a sales channel, LILA Textil Home is an example of how local businesses can scale up and find success in the global market.

The Global E-commerce Access programme was a part of the ITC project funded by the Government of Japan. The programme has not only facilitated business growth but also contributed to the economic resilience of communities affected by displacement. These stories of Ukrainian entrepreneurs are a testament to the spirit of innovation and determination that characterizes the country's business landscape.


21 marzo 2024

Over 2023, through a Japan-funded initiative, ITC has aided Ukrainian companies increase their capacity to take benefits from e-commerce channels. The program called "Global E-commerce Access" was conducted through national counterparts Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office of Ukraine and Diia. Business. Check out the program and watch testimonies!