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Unleashing the power of WhatsApp Business

3 julio 2023
ITC News

Effective communication plays a vital role in the success of any business. Through a new collaboration with ITC, small businesses are learning to drive sales and customer engagement with the popular messaging app.

For Best Group Vietnam, a leading agribusiness WhatsApp Business drives sales by converting conversations into transactions seamlessly, said sales director Nhung Vosaid that the platform. By promptly responding to messages, they capture potential clients' interest and turn leads into sales.

‘Through WhatsApp Business, I have received many quotations from my clients and potential ones; it helps me communicate easily and smoothly,’ Nhung Vo said.

Their business page and in-app catalog showcase their products and services, instilling confidence in potential customers. The professional presentation and ease of browsing through the catalog improved the customer experience, making it more likely for them to convert.

Experiences like this are why the International Trade Centre (ITC) joined forces with WhatsApp to help small businesses master the popular e-commerce channel to increase sales and improve customer service. 

The collaboration includes a series of webinars with the  ITC e-commerce online community, focusing on leveraging Whatsapp Business for export promotion, market research, and enhancing cross-border communication. These webinars give valuable insights and practical guidance on utilizing Whatsapp Business to expand their global reach and increase trade opportunities. Webinars are tailored by region with case studies from Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East, and Asia.

Why WhatsApp Business benefits entrepreneurs

Whatsapp Business is a free-to-download mobile application for small and medium-sized enterprises, allowng convenient and efficient communication with customers. Among its features:

  1. Seamless customer communication. Businesses can create a professional profile, including contact information, business description, and website links. The application provides a direct channel for real-time messaging, facilitating quick responses to inquiries, product information sharing, and personalized customer support.
  2. Automating responses. High volumes of inquiries get effectively managed with predefined messages for instant replies to frequently asked questions -- queries like business hours and pricing information.
  3. Catalog showcase. A visually appealing display shows products or services, with images, descriptions, and prices. Customers can browse catalogs and easily place orders or make inquiries.
  4. Secure messaging. End-to-end encryption ensures that all conversations and shared information remain secure.

Not just a tool for improved communications

Salma Yammine, founder of Salma Maternity Team in Lebanon, adopted WhatsApp Business to better connect with their customers. 

‘As a maternity brand, we recognized the need to provide our customers with a convenient and personalized communication channel,’ she said. ‘By leveraging WhatsApp Business, we aimed to offer an interactive and efficient platform for inquiries, customer support and engagement.’When a customer discovered Salma’s brand through Instagram, she had some specific requirements and wanted guidance in choosing the right size and style. The customer reached out to Salma via WhatsApp, and her customer support team provided personalized assistance, shared product recommendations, and even helped her with styling tips.

Impressed by the prompt and personalized support she received, this customer not only made a purchase but also became an advocate for Salma’s brand. She shared her positive experience on her social media channels, which resulted in several of her friends and followers becoming new customers of Salma Maternity. This not only showcased the power of WhatsApp but also helped the brand expand its customer base and reach a wider audience.

Portrait of businesswoman
Salma Yammine, founder of Salma Maternity Team in Lebanon.
Photo by Salma Maternity

About the project

The ecomConnect programme aims to develop small business digital capabilities and improve e-commerce accessibility in developing countries for sustainable and inclusive growth. This ITC e-commerce programme equips business support organizations and partners with private and public organizations to develop small business digital capabilities and improve e-commerce accessibility in developing countries.