Coffee from Papua New Guinea to conquer UK market

21 octubre 2022
ITC News

Papua New Guinea’s National Rugby Team Kumuls help promote their country’s coffee in United Kingdom through cupping event

The Papua New Guinea Coffee Industry Corporation with the support of UK Aid, and the International Trade Centre (ITC), hosted a coffee cupping event with roasters from across the United Kingdom, taking advantage of the Kumuls’ participation in the Rugby League World Cup.

The UK-based roasters, joined by the Honourable Don Poyle, Minister for Sports, Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology in Papua New Guinea, tasted nine different coffees from Papua New Guinea ranging from Y grades, Fair Trade Organic certified coffees, estate type coffees and A grades.

Impressed by the quality, the roasters declared that they would re-evaluate their coffee menus to include either a greater use of PNG coffee or, as was the case with two roasters, to launch a single-origin PNG coffee product in time for Christmas.

His Excellency, Minister Poyle said at the event: “I was happy to be part of the coffee cupping sponsored by ITC and UKAid. I would like to promote coffee by using sports and PNG Kumuls are good ambassadors to promote the coffee here in the UK.”

Michael Wheeler, Overseas Representative of the Papua New Guinea Coffee Industry Corporation, added: “It was a great event that has boosted the image of PNG coffee in the UK, and we would like to sincerely thank UK Aid, ITC, the Minister and most of all the Papua New Guinea Kumuls for their excellent support.  We are happy that we will repeat this event next week to coincide with the game against the Cook Islands, at which more than a dozen UK-based roasters will be present.”

Nick Watson, Coffee Advisor at the International Trade Centre concluded: “Papua New Guinea produces great quality coffees. With the rich cultural heritage and natural landscapes, the country is well positioned to compete globally in global specialty coffee markets, which provide high-value opportunities for its coffee exporters and farmers. Many specialty coffee importers and roasters in the United Kingdom and the European Union are not aware of Papua New Guinea’s coffee offerings. Such an event that offers high visibility is invaluable to raise awareness and stimulate demand.”

The event’s highlight was the Kumuls’ rugby team supporting the initiative by posing for selfies with the roasters and joining in on a group photo.
Held in St Helens, the event tied in with the side’s game against Tonga.  

About the programme

The United Kingdom Trade Partnerships Programme (UKTP) is funded by the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC). The coffee event was organized as part of the UKTP project.