Women ACCESS Export Success--The voice of African Business Women (en)

24 octubre 2012
ITC Noticias
ACCESS! has grown to be a recognized programme for women exporters in Africa, helping them to realize their economic potential and thereby contributing concretely to poverty reduction and improved standards of living. Measurable results show how the programme has played a vital role for women exporters in 20 African countries.

It is widely recognized that women entrepreneurs across Africa are generating employment and adding value to exports in innovative ways. Yet, they face a host of challenges such as limited access to export training, market information and finance in addition to other barriers women face in the business environment. Since 2007, the ACCESS! Export Training Programme of the International Trade Centre (ITC) has been dedicated to addressing these limitations by strengthening the competitiveness of more than 2’500 women exporters and building the capacity of Trade Support Institutions such as Trade Ministries, Chambers of Commerce and Women’s Business Associations to support them.


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