Survey: Have your say about the future ITC website (en)

22 febrero 2021
ITC Noticias
ITC begins new website project, launches stakeholder feedback survey

The International Trade Centre (ITC) begins a new website project this year. The project will transform the current ITC website to better reflect ITC's digital presence. A successful new website - one that is user-centred, modern, meaningful for target audiences, and high-performing - depends on the input of a diverse ITC community.

As a critical initial step in this transformative process, ITC is launching a website survey to hear from its stakeholders.

Among the myriad adjustments provoked by a COVID-19 world, many professionals are adopting a digitally-centred work schedule, with more interaction and information exchange taking place online. In 2021 the ITC website use increased by 23%. But even before the COVID‑19 crisis, ITC website traffic was increasing, with 26% more visitors today than in January 2019. To adjust to the needs of its stakeholders and users, ITC must prioritize a strong digital presence.

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes, with questions ranging from demographic information to modes of website navigation. There is also an opportunity to provide further feedback and/or become more deeply involved as the new website project continues. We encourage many individuals to take part in the survey to encapsulate an accurate picture of ITC website use and areas of improvement. All answers will be instrumental in defining the website project's scope.

The survey, along with some one-to-one interviews, is part of initial research on stakeholder needs and user experience. The new website is planned to launch at the end of 2021.

ITC aims to target additional audiences and engage meaningfully with them across multiple digital platforms, moving from dissemination to conversation and engagement.  

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