Partnering with the private sector for change: eBay and DHL (en)

21 septiembre 2016
ITC Noticias
ITC partners with global firms eBay and DHL to help entrepreneurs in developing countries to export products through electronic commerce

The International Trade Centre (ITC) is partnering with eBay and DHL to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries to use electronic commerce, or e-commerce, to overcome trade obstacles and boost exports.

E-commerce giant eBay is providing its platform and expertise to help entrepreneurs working with the ITC e-Solutions Programme to sell to targeted markets, understand consumer demand, and find solutions to issues related to shipping, translation and online payments. The goal is to help the entrepreneurs reach more of eBay’s 164 million users around the world. Hear more from Eben Sermon, Vice President of eBay Greater Europe, Middle East, Africa.

Global logistics firm DHL is partnering with ITC to provide training for SMEs on customs procedures, logistics and the creation of legal subsidiaries in Europe to facilitate online transactions. Hear more from Stefano Arganese, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Freight Central Eastern Southern Europe and Americas, Middle East, Africa.

Both DHL and eBay are key partners on the ITC e-commerce caravan (eComCaravan) initiative (LINK: http://www.tradeforum.org/news/In-line-with-going-online-using-e-commerce-to-tap-new-markets/), which physically showcases products that are sold online to attract new buyers.

Watch the latest episode of the ITC video news programme, Trade Compass, for insights from up-and-coming entrepreneurs and the eBay and DHL executives on how a physical pop-up store can fuel online sales, and tips that businesses can use to succeed in online marketplaces, no matter their size.

Watch a one-minute version of the Trade Compass episode on e-commerce.

For more information, download free ITC publications on Bringing SMEs onto the e-Commerce Highway and International E-Commerce in Africa: The Way Forward.