ITC @ UNCTAD’s E-Commerce week (en)

16 abril 2018
ITC Noticias
Annual forum to explore the growing role of digital platforms and how to harness these evolving technologies for sustainable development

Digital experts from the International Trade Centre (ITC) will this week be joining colleagues from across the world for the 2018 edition of E-Commerce Week, organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. In no fewer than 11 sessions will ITC experts help explore how e-commerce can help open doors for small businesses to participate in regional and global trade.

ITC participation will cover a wide spectre of e-commerce-related issues, including consumer trust, logistics and payments, skills building and e-strategies. E-commerce Week will also be provided with insights into e-Trade for Impact – a new initiative that provides a one-stop shop for all ITC’s digital activities.

To kick off E-commerce Week, ITC and AliResearch will on 16 April present What sells in E-commerce: New Evidence from Asian LDCs, a new report that analyses e-commerce data from five Asian least developed countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar and Nepal.

ITC has a range of publications on e-commerce that provide insights for SMEs to make the most of e-commerce: from how-to guides to reach Chinese e-consumers, to e-commerce in BRICS countries, Africa, and global surveys, ITC publications on e-commerce are useful to small businesses and policymakers around the world alike.

ITC sessions at 2018 E-Commerce Week.
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