ITC launches new guidelines for sustainable, inclusive trade projects (en)

9 octubre 2019
ITC Noticias
A new International Trade Centre guide helps project managers, donors and beneficiaries to design projects that boost ‘good trade’ – making sure that women and young people, as well as social and environmental aspects are taken into account.

The International Trade Centre (ITC)) is mainstreaming sustainable and inclusive development objectives using a new guide for project managers entitled Mainstreaming sustainable and inclusive trade.

The guide was launched today during the Trade for Sustainable Development Forum, which is taking place in Geneva on 7-9 October.

‘We aim to deliver for the Sustainable Development Goals,’ said ITC Executive Director Arancha González. ‘By integrating sustainability and inclusiveness in a more deliberate way into our projects, we provide better support to our partners and beneficiaries in countries where we work,’ she said, inviting other organizations to join ITC’s mainstreaming efforts.

The ITC guide offers a one-stop approach for project managers consistently to include sustainability and inclusiveness in ITC projects. Gender, youth, green growth and social responsibility are the four pillars. Project managers can integrate these areas in the entire project cycle, from development to implementation and evaluation.

The project development phase is a special focus, as it sets the basis for the entire project life and impact. With the guide, ITC is further strengthening its approach to integrating sustainability perspectives into all projects, thereby providing structured and holistic guidance for project managers.

‘Sustainability and inclusiveness are key to achieve lasting socio-economic impact of ITC projects and reduce poverty,’ said Mr Anders Aeroe, ITC’s director for enterprises and institutions.

The guide is part of ITC’s overall strategy to integrate sustainable and inclusive development into all its activities. It is accompanied by a training programme for project managers. ITC welcomes insights and suggestions from development partners for these insights to inform a future edition of the guide.