[Uganda latest news] Netherlands fund seeks to revamp coffee exports to EU

14 marzo 2011
ITC News


A three-year project supported by the Netherlands Trust Fund has been incorporated to enhance the sustainable exporter competitiveness in the coffee sector.

The National Export Strategy pivoted by the Uganda Export Promotion Board in partnership with the Uganda Coffee Development Authority, National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises and funded by the International Trade Centre and Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing countries seeks to revamp coffee exports to the European Union.

Last year, coffee, Uganda’s biggest foreign exchange earner fetched the country Shs638.4 billion. UEPB’s Director Communications, Mr Daniel Karibwije, said: “A planned review slated for February 1 aims to expand volumes in order to earn more foreign exchange for the country.”

The review meeting will take place in Kampala with speakers from the line ministries of Trade, ITC senior officers, export strategists, Mr Alberto Gonzaler and UEPB’s Executive Director, Ms Florence Kata. “The momentum built over the past three years of the National Export Strategy is under review in order to fill gaps and promote synergy fostered among the major stakeholders and players,” Mr Karibwije said.

Coffee remains Uganda’s major foreign exchange earner and the National Export Strategy through partnership with the Netherlands Trust Fund II Project seek to create sustainable export competitiveness in the coffee sector in Uganda. The review will also help re-examine Uganda’s export markets and to hedge against market uncertainties such as those occasioned by the 2009 economic meltdown.

It is expected that the knowledge gained during the review process of the coffee sector will be replicated in reviewing of the remaining 11 export sectors of the broader NES, in the second half of 2011. Farmer associations are at the heart of the review process and the invigoration campaign.