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ITC at Spring Fair, Birmingham

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<p>The International Trade Centre supports 16 small businesses from Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal and Zimbabwe to take part in <strong>Spring Fair 2024 at the NEC, Birmingham</strong> as part of UK the STC+ and UKTP projects funded by UK in International Development.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Address:</strong><br>National Exhibition Centre<br>Pendigo Way, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT, UK</p><p>At Spring Fair, ITC-supported small businesses can be found in the following exhibition areas:</p><p><strong>Home — Booth No 6E60-F61</strong></p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Dhuba (Zimbabwe)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Imadi World (Senegal)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; NuktiDaana (Pakistan)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Yarn N Darn (Zimbabwe)</p><p><strong>Wellbeing — Booth No 3V24-W25</strong></p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Modara (Nigeria)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Oriki (Nigeria)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Raw Beauty (Nigeria)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Toriara (Nigeria)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Shea Origin (Nigeria)</p><p><strong>Moda Accessories — Booth No 3C40</strong></p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Felir (Senegal)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Geppetto Leather (Pakistan)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Zay Co (Pakistan)</p><p><strong>Jewellery— Booth No 2K44</strong></p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Beads Desired (Pakistan)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Enchanté (Pakistan)</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Paper Pieces (Zimbabwe)&nbsp;</p><p>o&nbsp;&nbsp; Unyasha (Zimbabwe)</p>

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