ITC offers data-driven trade information and services, innovative market analysis and a range of online tools

    Whether you are a company, institution or a policymaker, you need reliable information to make better informed trade-related decisions. We understand that you need to stay on top of competitive conditions, anticipate demands, pinpoint growth potential and scan for opportunities for new markets.

    ITC’s innovative market analysis and resource solutions will help you review crucial trade related information in over 200 countries and territories, and provide you with the means to better understand supply and demand trends for internationally traded products.

    Data and analysis

    Updated evidence-based information is critical to decision-making in rapidly shifting global trade conditions. ITC’s market analyses provide real-time data on trade dynamics, market access conditions, growth potential and policy choices, possible business partners and business operations. In an environment where the sources, availability and value of data have increased exponentially, we help stakeholders translate information into actionable intelligence.

    We offer policymakers, business support organizations, investors and small firms unique sources of survey-based as well as academic research and data that are critical to boosting the performance of small businesses in domestic and international markets.

    We also offer critical detailed statistical information on international trade flows so that those looking for opportunities to diversify their products, markets and suppliers can set their priorities based on real-time information. This information is broken down by country, product, year and value in both graph and map formats.


    ITC offers a range of online tools to make global trade more transparent and facilitate access to markets. These tools will help you identify export and import opportunities, compare market-access requirements, monitor national trade performance, and make well informed well-informed trade decisions.

    Featured tools


    Our SME Trade Academy Platform has numerous e-learning opportunities in multiple languages. From building competitiveness in creative industries to financing trade to working with foreign trade representatives, we have what you need.


    Photo of online learning, which can be done through the SME Trade Academy