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The in-depth digital knowledge platform of the International Trade Centre explores export development and trade issues in developing and least developed countries. The contributions focus on trade promotion and export development as part of the International Trade Centre’s technical cooperation programme with developing countries and economies in transition.


Activating green trade, advancing environmental goals

Why doing good is also good for business  

AfCFTA for more prosperity

Africa’s new open trade area has the potential to generate jobs, growth in the services market

Bridging differences

How inclusive, responsible tourism can unite communities in Myanmar

Colours of Bhutan gets noticed in international markets

Small business owner takes her company international with showcase at Paris exhibition

E-learning: The way to go

Mahfuzul, an aspiring entrepreneur from Bangladesh, has no doubt that he will be able to turn his dream of running his own business into reality.‘During the COVID situation, and since January this year, I have been planning to begin my start-up. It will help me a lot in the future to start my...

Palestinia strawberries
How to turn COVID-19 to your advantage

Palestinian agribusinesses moved online in response to the pandemic – and export better than ever before

Kenyan avocado exporter becomes part of the processing

Direne Ltd. lands new customers, looks to add more as it builds facility and ITC helps it gain certifications

New Gambian tourism products show well at World Travel Market

One of Africa’s smallest countries makes a big splash after presenting itself to movers and shakers of the global travel industry in London

Online coaching can go a long way

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for ITC when delivering technical trade-related assistance to the most vulnerable of businesses, it forced us to think outside the box and improve our methods. Here is an example.  

The environment lies at the heart of GRASP

Examining the challenges facing Pakistan’s livestock and horticulture sectors

The future’s bright, young and African

Gathige Wa Maina of Youth Motion Kenya explains why the voice of youth must be heard in an inclusive African Continental Free Trade Area