Potential for creative industries sector development in Trinidad and Tobago (en)

17 February 2012
ITC News

The festivals, fashion, costumes, music and film of Trinidad and Tobago could all be further developed with the assistance of ITC, according to H.E. Stephen Cadiz, Minister of Trade and Industry, Trinidad and Tobago. 

Minister Cadiz spoke about his country’s creative industries sector during a meeting held during the three-day World Trade Organization’s three-day ministerial conference. He and representatives from ITC met to explore options for collaboration. 

ITC has been providing technical assistance to the creative industries in the Caribbean region. Minister Cadiz said work in Trinidad and Tobago could build on the work that had already been done, and could also be targeted to industries specific to his country with a focus on development to address issues such as unemployment. 

Both sides agreed that any projects would need to be tailored to ensure sustainability and long-term gains, as well as providing some positive effects in the short-term.