Myanmar: rebuilding communities through trade

23 December 2014
ITC News

Emerging from decades of international isolation, Myanmar is embarking upon a new chapter in its history led by political and economic reforms. According to U Pwint San, the Southeast Asian country’s Deputy Minister of Commerce, it is trade that is moving the country forward.

Serving as a roadmap on this journey towards socioeconomic development is the National Export Strategy (NES), developed by the government in cooperation with the business community and development partners under the technical guidance of the International Trade Centre.

The NES sets out seven priority sectors targeted for value addition and diversification: beans, pulses and oilseeds; rice; fisheries; textiles and garments; rubber; forestry products; and tourism. The ultimate goal of the strategy is to once again position Myanmar as a competitive exporter in the global economy and to drive sustainable socioeconomic development for its people.