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3 July 2014
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Mitigating climate change in the tea sector

This is the first training guide that helps tea farmers and factories lower their emissions and reduce energy costs. It was created with the Ethical Tea Partnership, the Rainforest Alliance and FLOCERT using a Kenya Tea Development Agency factory as a pilot case. Climate change is already having an impact on tea quantity and quality. Exporters are also increasingly subject to requirements set by buyers and retailers to measure and reduce carbon emissions. This step-by-step manual provides an overview of climate change in the tea sector; outlines options for tea factory managers and farm extension officers; and outlines carbon footprint measurement.


Kenya: Company perspectives - An ITC series on non-tariff measures

Streamlining government procedures, improving transport maintenance and IT infrastructure, and better dissemination of trade-related information are cited as keys to improving Kenya’s export performance, in a new ITC country study on non-tariff measures. Two-thirds of companies surveyed in Kenya are facing difficulties with trade-related regulations, according to 750 Kenyan exporters and importers interviewed for the ITC survey. They particularly cite difficulties in complying with technical requirements due to red tape and delays in public agencies. The study also confirms that countries of the East African Community need to make greater efforts to harmonize procedures and product standards.


Medical and wellness tourism: lessons from Asia

With health tourism on the rise, this study draws upon four Asian countries - India, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines – to offer insight into how developing countries can attract a greater share in this industry. The study is relevant for all countries exploring market opportunities in medical and wellness tourism, with a global industry overview, country case studies and a summary of ITC assistance for market entry. It is the outcome of a study for Sri Lanka, which aims to quadruple its “high-spending tourists” over six years, in part by building on its deep knowledge of ayurveda, as well as competitively-priced “Western” medical treatments.

www.intracen.org/Medical-and-Wellness-Tourism-Lessons-from-Asia/ ITC-series-on-non-tariff-measures/

New publication

50 years of unlocking SME competitiveness: lessons for the future

International trade has changed significantly over the last 50 years, driving economic growth and making countries and companies increasingly interdependent. New forces are at play but the pace of change will continue in the decades to come. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary ITC reviews major changes in global trade, analyses the main forces driving this change and identifies key trends for international business development. ITC discusses the implications on Aid for Trade and how the developments have and will impact its work in connecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries to global markets.


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