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28 September 2011
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Business Generation: Methodology

Aimed at trade promotion officers and advisers of trade support institutions, this publication provides guidelines on how to organize buyers/sellers meetings. Through a methodology developed by ITC, it explains how to prepare exporting enterprises to meet with buyers, and how to undertake market research, trade flow analysis and supply and demand surveys. It focuses on promoting intra- or interregional trade, and is an update of the guide published in 1998.

This technical paper is only available in English. For further information please contact: imamo [at]


What makes a winner?
Awards for Trade Promotion Organization best practices

The 4th TPO Network Awards were presented at the 8th Trade Promotion Organization Network World Conference, which brought together more than 150 participants from 50 countries to address the theme, Building Export Success – Enhancing TPO Impact in a Changing Global Environment. This publication showcases the winners of the competition, which recognizes outstanding performances by trade promotion organizations (TPOs), and rewards the successes of national TPO efforts to connect businesses to international markets. It outlines the profiles of the award winners, the initiatives taken, and the tools and strategies developed and implemented by them in contributing to their country’s trade development.

This technical paper is available in English, French and Spanish. For further information please contact: penistan [at]


Potentiel d’exportation de la République centrafricaine
The export potential of the Central African Republic

This report, published uniquely in French, is the result of quantitative analysis carried out by ITC’s Market Analysis and Research Section on trade data and production from the Central African Republic. It is part of the study on the assessment of export potential of the country led by ITC in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The report focuses initially on the export potential of the country based on the analysis of export statistics of both the Central African Republic and of regional competitors, and the collection and processing of production data from the country. Additional information is provided by the study of the evolution of global demand for products identified as having good potential, and the strategy to be used to increase exports.

This technical paper is only available in French. For further information please contact: chaignet [at]


Sri Lanka: Company Perspectives on Non-Tariff Measures
International Trade Centre Series on Non-Tariff Measures

Non-tariff measures (NTMs) are of particular concern to exporters and importers in developing countries, for which they may represent a major impediment to international trade and market access. This publication is the first in a series of publications on NTMs aimed at increasing transparency and understanding about NTMs in order to facilitate trade in the long run. It is based on a novel approach to studying the impact of NTMs through large-scale national enterprise surveys. This allows the business community to have a voice, including small- and medium-sized enterprises, which have firsthand day-to-day experience with NTMs and can provide invaluable insights for policymakers, trade support institutions and the international community.

This technical paper is only available in English. For further information please contact: ntm [at]



ITC’s web-based Trade Map tool publishes up-to-date statistics on international trade, providing time series and indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors. Updated weekly, Trade Map includes data for more than 5,300 products of the Harmonized System covering almost 220 countries and territories based on data reported by 169 countries. Trade data is also available at the national tariff line level for more than 150 countries and on a quarterly and monthly basis for more than 90 countries.
As of mid-September 2011, Trade Map reports statistics up to the second quarter of the year for 55 countries whose trade represents 75% of world trade flows. Data for the first quarter are available for 69 countries, amounting to more than 82% of global trade flows. Furthermore, monthly statistics up to August 2011 are available for 6 countries, including Brazil, the Republic of Korea and Switzerland. 



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