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2 October 2013
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LDC Services Exports: Trends and success stories

Least developed country (LDC) exports are growing twice as fast as the world average, and the LDC share in world services exports is increasing. But services still account for only 10% of LDC exports, or half the global average. More needs to be done to help LDCs benefit from participating in global services exports, especially given the powerful link between services sector development and GDP growth and poverty reduction, and the development benefits of higher value-added, skill-intensive activities. The services enterprise success stories highlighted in the study provide insights into what factors are relevant in driving success and what more might be done to enhance LDC services competitiveness.


Improving Africa's cotton value chain for Asian markets

Stronger ties between African cotton producers/ginners and Asian buyers can improve the market positioning of African cotton.

The African-Asian cotton trade has great potential. This study examines African challenges to improve along the value chain to meet Asia’s growing demand. It reviews ITC strategies to address these issues, and recommends what can be done to develop partnerships between African cotton producers and ginners and cotton-consuming spinning mills in export markets in Asia. The study also includes an overview of world cotton production, consumption and trade from 2007 to 2012.


Trinidad and Tobago: Company perspectives - An ITC series on non-tariff measures

Most non-tariff measures (NTMs) applied to exporters in Trinidad and Tobago are found in neighbouring Caribbean countries, according to a new ITC survey.

The survey of 500 businesses showed that the most burdensome NTMs are applied by partner countries. Half of the companies surveyed said that most obstacles are within the Caribbean Community, particularly in Barbados and Jamaica. Addressing these obstacles will lead to greater transparency for business practices, regulations and requirements, thus promoting the ease of doing business in the country.


Market analysis for three Peruvian natural ingredients

This study outlines the market potential in the United States and Canada for three Peruvian natural ingredients that are essential for biodiversity.

Peruvian producers and exporters will find an overview of the market potential in the United States and Canada for golden berry, Peruvian mesquite and sacha inchi. The study provides market, regulatory and technical requirements; has contact details for finished-product companies that already use Peruvian natural ingredients; and provides recommendations for Peruvian producers to obtain the capacity to produce consistent quality.


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