Ethical Fashion Initiative and Instituto-e to develop new product capacities

18 June 2012
ITC News
ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative will join forces with Instituto-e, a Rio-based civil-society group, to develop sustainable materials and products for fashion and lifestyle brands.

Participants at the Ethical Fashion Initiative’s event, Good Business Models for a Sustainable Future, held on 17 June as part of the Rio+20 Global Compact Corporate Sustainability Forum, were treated to an intense debate during which speakers told of their struggles, successes and future hopes on how to create lasting and dignified work opportunities for micro entrepreneurs in the developing world, through the application of inclusive business models.

Watch the full event above, or visit UN Web TV to watch highlights from Good Business Models for a Sustainable Future.

But participants at the event were treated to more than words. ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative announced that it would join forces with Instituto-e in a bid to set up a network for product development capacities. The Instituto-e, a civil-society group based in Rio de Janeiro that promotes sustainable textiles and production processes. Through this partnership they will develop sustainable materials and products, involving international fashion brands, to enable micro-entrepreneurs to join the international value chain of fashion and lifestyle products.

Showcasing catadores’ works

The first result of this collaboration between Instituo-e and the Ethical Fashion Initiative will take place in November 2012 during Expo-Catadores in Brazil — an annual event showcasing the recycling work of Brazil’s garbage collectors, the catadores. Through this partnership, we will also develop a product with the catadores. In the run-up to Expo-Catodores, the product development network will collaborate with the catadores movement, enabling them to develop new products in the value chain of handicraft and lifestyle through a joint inception project.

At the event a commitment was also been made to create an International Advisory Committee that spreads the inclusive business models assessed today all over the world, by offering guidance to projects of micro-enterprises from the developing world.

Among the speakers at Good Business Models for a Sustainable Future were Ilaria Venturini Fendi (Carmina Campus), Oskar Metsavaht (Osklen/Instituto-e), Leonardo Boff (University of Rio de Janeiro), Auret van Heerden (Fair Labor Association), Willa Shalit (Maiden Nation), Roberto Laureano da Rocha Movimento Catadores), Fabrice Leclerc (HEC Lausanne) and Aminata Traoré Forum pour l’autre Mali).

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