CITES and ITC sign partnership on wildlife trade

29 April 2014
ITC News
ITC and CITES have announced a collaboration in support of rural communities engaged in the trade of selected species listed under CITES Appendix II.

The Secretariat of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the International Trade Centre (ITC) have signed a partnership aimed at enhancing the livelihood benefits of rural communities involved in global wildlife trade.

The collaboration will build the information gap between harvesters, producers, regulators, retailers and consumers operating at the market for products such as exotic skins, medicinal plants, natural fibres, and precious timber. These biodiversity products are crucial for the livelihoods of millions of people across the world and the impacts of ecosystem degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss will make them vulnerable
ITC and CITES will prepare in-depth analysis of the dynamics of value chains for selected species listed in CITES Appendix II. The partnership will strengthen ITC’s ability to build trade models that creates incentives for communities and SMEs to use and trade biodiversity products and services in a sustainable way.

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