Joining forces to boost e-commerce in Rwanda (en)

15 mai 2019
ITC Nouvelles
Small firms will have training, certification and advisory services to get online and into new markets.

(Kigali/Geneva) – E-commerce is increasingly a fast track for small business growth. This is why Rwandan government agencies and a leading Rwandan business association are joining forces today with the International Trade Centre to strengthen the capacity of small businesses in Rwanda to use e commerce successfully.

The agreement was announced today in Kigali at The Transform Africa Summit 2019, where leaders from around the world are gathering to talk about making Africa a single digital market.

The Rwanda Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Chamber, the Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Innovation, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the International Trade Centre are part of the initiative, which focuses on sustainable solutions for small firms doing business through e-commerce.

Sustainable solutions, local partners

The Rwandan Ministry of Trade and Industry, in partnership with GIZ and the International Trade Centre, are already working jointly to help small firms in Rwanda to market their goods and services online. GIZ is providing in-kind and financial support, and the International Trade Centre is providing technical expertise.

The Digital Business Institute of the Rwanda ICT Chamber will manage ITC-trained coaches under their umbrella and deploy their services to small firms in need of e-commerce expertise. Certification for e commerce vendors will also be available, through the E-commerce Foundation Trustmark. IT companies will be trained on advanced software solutions for e-commerce website development and online promotion.