Mongolia’s new National Export Strategy

6 juillet 2023
ITC News

During the World Export Development Forum, the Government of Mongolia inaugurated the design of the National Export Strategy for prioritized non-mining sectors.

End of June 2023, Mongolia’s first public-private stakeholder consultation for its six priority sectors formed the basis of discussions around the country’s upcoming National Export Strategy.

The National Export Strategy will provide a blueprint for export competitiveness in the country’s non-mining sectors, building on and ensuring coherence and complementarity with other national development initiatives. The six export sectors are meat and meat products; leather and leather goods; textiles and garments; berries, nuts and other biodiverse plants; tech services; and eco-community-based tourism. The sectoral development will be further underpinned by four trade support functions: access to finance, trade facilitation, trade and investment promotion and quality compliance.

The Strategy will identify products and markets for Mongolian firms to compete internationally while addressing sustainability issues. The initiative is part of the Government's Export Development Project and supported by the World Bank.

“The National Export Strategy will build economic resilience, identify diversification opportunities, strengthen our business environment, and equip Mongolia in adapting to rapidly changing international market conditions,” said Gantumur Tuvdendorj, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy and Development, Mongolia during the opening. “Our focus remains steadfast on trade diversification while empowering small businesses to compete internationally.”

Taking place as part of the International Trade Centre’s flagship event, the World Export Development Forum, and organized by the Government of Mongolia, more than 150 participants – government officials, trade support institutions, enterprises, academia – engaged in the discussions to shape the country’s future trade.

The first consultation is a milestone event in the participatory strategy design process. The findings of the consultation are the base for the national-wide strategic documents that will be shared for stakeholders’ review and validation.