In Spanish: Ten tips to make free trade agreements work for women

11 mai 2021
ITC News
This guide, available in Spanish thanks to the Argentine Chamber of Exporters (CERA), offers trade negotiators greater access to this toolkit to build gender-sensitive agreements.

ITC releases a Spanish edition of its report, Mainstreaming Gender in Free Trade Agreements, translated by the Cámara de Exportadores de La República Argentina (CERA)

The report, La Incorporacion de la Perspectiva de Género en los Tratados de Libre Comercio, is being distributed to ministries responsible for trade across Latin America, so that Spanish- speaking policymakers can enhance the gender responsiveness of their free trade agreements.

‘This publication answers the call of policymakers and trade negotiators to provide a practical guide to create more inclusive accords,’ observes Pamela Coke-Hamilton.

The report includes a tool to measure national gender responsiveness in existing agreements, includes good practices from several countries. It offers model clauses to negotiate future trade accords, to back up ten key recommendations to boost gender responsiveness in trade agreements.

The recommendations are based on an assessment of 73 free trade agreements in force among 25 Commonwealth countries.