Ecuador: Promoting new non-traditional exports (NEXT Ecuador)

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    The overall objective of the project "Ecuador: Promoting new non-traditional exports (NEXT Ecuador)" is to contribute to the reactivation of Ecuador’s agricultural exports in a post-pandemic context. The project will increase access of 20 MSMEs and associations, including 940 linked farmers, to international value chains -particularly in the EU- under principles of inclusion and sustainability.

    This four-year project, financed by the European Union, will enhance the productive capabilities of MSMEs and farmers with the aim of helping them to achieve international certifications. NEXT Ecuador will also work to strengthen inclusive and associative international business capacities among MSMEs, farmer associations and producers. Finally, local trade support institutions and organizations will receive support to provide enhanced specialized services to the agricultural exporting sector.



    Objectifs de développement durable

    Ce projet contribue aux objectifs de développement durable suivants, tels que définis par l’Agenda 2030 pour le développement durable.


    NEXT Ecuador

    NEXT Ecuador 7 28 février 2023