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    The ITC T4SD Hubs act as a one-stop shop offering integrated sustainability solutions supporting SMEs to transition to a green economy. The T4SD Hubs are a 5 year project implemented in 7 countries/regions: the Caribbean, Ghana, Kenya, Laos, Nepal, Peru and Viet Nam. 

    The offering of the T4SD Hubs is structured around 5 thematic areas under which awareness raising workshops, e-learnings and customized coaching programmes are offered to build the business case for implementing sustainable business practices: 

    These thematic areas include:

    • Compliance with Voluntary Sustainability Standards 
    • Resource efficiency and circular production 
    • Climate resilience 
    • Positioning sustainable products in the international market 
    • Access to green finance 

    Besides the piloting of the service offering to built the necessary technical capacity, the T4SD Hub team supports the T4SD Hub hosts in building the needed management capacity and structures to roll out the service offering.

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    The ITC T4SD Hubs provides full support to SMEs in the implementation of green business practices. T4SD leverages its international networks to support SMEs in building green business strategies to access green finance and international markets for sustainable products, thus maximizing the T4SD programme’s impact on the ground.

    T4SD establishes six T4SD Hubs in Ghana, Kenya, Laos, Nepal, Peru and Vietnam until 2022.

    The T4SD Hubs consolidate T4SD’s tools and services by acting as a one-stop shop offering integrated sustainability solutions for SMEs. The Hubs are replicable and scalable in size and implement key recommendations and findings of the 2017 OED evaluation of the T4SD Programme. 


    Objectifs de développement durable

    Ce projet contribue aux objectifs de développement durable suivants, tels que définis par l’Agenda 2030 pour le développement durable.