Las publicaciones del ITC acercan la voz del mundo empresarial al comercio sostenible y se centran en los países en desarrollo. Ofrecemos asesoramiento a los encargados de formular políticas, las organizaciones de apoyo empresarial y las pequeñas empresas. Nuestros informes ofrecen información para facilitar que el comercio sea más inclusivo, ecológico, digital y competitivo.


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Managing risk and building climate resilience among small firms requires a team effort. Climate change is hitting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) hard, and supply chain disruptions have a domino effect. This guide explains how development cooperation agencies, business support organizations,...

Four services sectors are key to an economic transformation. This report calls them 'connected services.'

Cambodia's small and medium-sized enterprises play a central role in the country's economy and development, but face a number of challenges that have been further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This quality management directory for Azerbaijan helps its small firms connect to national institutions that can help them navigate standards, conformity assessment procedures and services, while meeting the safety and technical standards for foreign markets.

Publicado conjuntamente por el ITC, la OMC y la UNCTAD, este informe anual presenta las condiciones de acceso al mercado de bienes basadas en aranceles aplicadas por más de 170 países y territorios.

El presente informe ayuda a las pequeñas empresas a cumplir las normas comerciales cuando venden productos a la Unión Europea y los Estados Unidos de América.

This summary provides highlights of how small businesses can rebuild from the pandemic in a way that helps them face climate change – and how governments, business support organizations and lead firms in international value chains can support them through the Green Recovery Plan.

Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in Togo can protect them from the effects of crises and unleash their potential to trigger economic transformation.

Online marketplaces are the dominant form of e-commerce for consumer goods in developed countries. They are also prominent across Africa, offering great potential to serve a new generation of consumers and open opportunities for small entrepreneurs. But little is known about these marketplaces in...

Increasing the competitiveness of small firms in the Philippines is vital to build resilience to shocks while promoting sustainable and inclusive growth.Companies that were more competitive before the COVID-19 crisis were less affected by it, according to ITC’s SME Competitiveness Survey. Firms...

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