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19 marzo 2020
ITC Noticias
Statement from ITC on the COVID-19 pandemic

The International Trade Centre is committed to supporting small businesses all over the world despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. Staff members are working remotely, managing operations virtually while office buildings in Geneva and around the world are closed in accordance to the United Nations and host countries directives.

The International Trade Centre continues to deliver trade-related technical assistance projects and programmes to businesses, governments and other partners all over the globe, in close cooperation with its partners.

Dedicated teams are working on enhancing the capacity of the organization to deliver virtual activities, allowing businesses to strengthen their resilience faced with the current crisis and start planning for the future.

Several training modules on a variety of topics – including e-commerce, competitiveness in creative industries, corporate social responsibility and developing business plans – are available on a virtual learning platform, the SME Trade Academy. All courses are free and further modules will be rolled out in 2020.