Ethiopian women seize success at Tendence Trade Fair (en)

19 septiembre 2012
ITC Noticias
ITC-sponsored Ethiopian women-owned enterprises score commercial triumph at one of Germany’s largest trade fairs.

Four women-owned Ethiopian companies, all beneficiaries of ITC’s programme ‘ACCESS! for African Businesswomen in International Trade’, were among the 46,000 participants at the Tendence Trade Fair in Frankfurt on 24-26 August 2012.

The four ITC-sponsored companies that exhibited their products in Frankfurt — Salem’s Ethiopia, Zewd Ethiopian Creation, Ezra Innovative Design, and Negist Ethiopia — all managed to agree orders with European clients and used the opportunity to further expand their networks to broaden future business opportunities.

For a second year running, the Africa Chic Pavilion at Tendence 2012, the second-largest trade fair for home-deco, design and handicraft in Germany, gave an opportunity for 22 selected companies from six African countries — Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland — to promote their unique products.

Top-notch African products

The vision of Africa Chic is to allow top African companies to highlight their products’ quality, design and trends, based on know-how, heritage and culture. This objective is fully in line with ITC’s mandate to promote high-quality products from Africa and to connect small and medium-size enterprises and export-ready vendors with international clients.

Through the ACCESS! programme, the four Ethiopian companies had received preliminary support from ITC in the form of customized technical services, which has allowed them to build their production and export capacities to better meet market demands and the needs of international buyers.

ITC, through the ACCESS! programme, which is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) under the Programme for building African Capacity for Trade (PACT II), will continue to strengthen its new and dynamic relationship with Africa-chic organizers in Europe and Africa. ITC will continue to support similar initiatives in advocating for women-owned businesses from developing countries and economies in transition.

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