El blog sobre medio ambiente del ITC ofrece perspectivas de la industria y fomenta la interacción del lector (en)

23 abril 2013
ITC Noticias
Blog gives perspective on trade and environment-related issues, new comment feature encourages sharing of ideas

ITC’s new Trade and Environment Blog gives readers a wide perspective on issues related to trade and the environment, and the addition of a comment feature now enables readers to better share ideas and interact with each other.

The blog, part of the Trade and Environment Unit, features posts about issues such as climate change, biodiversity and fair trade, as well as field experience from countries where ITC and partners are supporting green exports. It also comprises commentary on development efforts, current events and updates from events attended by team members.

For example, Alexander Kasterine, Head of ITC’s Trade and Environment Unit, recently blogged about whether accountants can ‘save the world’ by measuring carbon emissions in supply chains or whether the solution lies with economists to price carbon so people have an incentive to reduce their carbon footprint. For details, read the full post, called, ‘Can accountants save the world?’ Another blog post gives details about conservation impacts and illegality in the python skin trade, an issue that garnered international press coverage and has led to discussions with major luxury fashion brands on how to strengthen sustainability in their python supply chains. Read the full post, called ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the python skin trade’, here.

The goal of the blog is to generate conversation and provoke debate about such trade and environment-related developments.

The blog functions as an interactive forum in which readers can now take advantage of a commenting feature to share their ideas directly on the blog post using their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account IDs. This enables readers to see comments from other readers and also makes it easier for bloggers to have a better idea of the topics that generate most interest.

The new comment feature is now available on all highlights on the entire ITC website. Users can also access a row of social media icons at the top right-hand corner of all pages for one-click sharing of posts to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. These updates are part of a broader effort to increase reader feedback and sharing of knowledge on the ITC website.

For more information about the environment blog, visit the ITC Environment Facebook page and follow ITC Environment on Twitter @ITCenvironment and @alexkasterine